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The South Lanarkshire Orchestral Society, usually known simply as SLOS, exists to provide ensemble experience for young orchestral instrumentalists up to the age of 24.

SLOS is back for the 2023/24 Season - First Rehearsal 1st September 2023

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2022/23 season will include:

  • Junior Orchestra 
  • Senior Orchestra
  • Junior Concert Band
  • Intermediate Concert Band
  • Senior Concert Band

There will be no auditions again this year so please indicate your current working grade.

All Ensembles will practice from 5pm - 7pm on Friday evenings at Uddingston Grammar School.


Join Us

Any young person who plays an orchestral string, woodwind, brass or percussion instrument may apply to join the Society:

  • Junior ensembles have no minimum grade requirements - all are welcome; 
  • Intermediate ensembles asks for competence at Grade 3 level;
  • Senior ensembles at Grade 5 level.  
  • Membership also remains open to those who have left school.

There will be no auditions this year so please indicate your current working grade so that we can allocate you to the most appropriate ensemble.

Registration is now open - Here
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Get up-to-the-minute news about the latest developments and any changes to the regular schedule.  For instance, if an extra rehearsal is being called, details will be given here.

There is also an archive of news items from the recent past.

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