South Lanarkshire Orchestral Society Spring Concerts 2023/24

We plan two concert perormances this season for each ensemble with ten rehearsals in each session as listed below. 
Full details of the concerts to follow, including how to get tickets. 

All Ensembles will practice from 5pm - 7pm on Friday evenings at Uddingston Grammar School.

Rehearsal Dates for 2023/24 Season

Autumn Session

Winter Session

1st September 2023

5th January 2024
(No Rehearsal)

8th September 2023

12th January 2024

15th September 2023

19th January 2024

22nd September 2023
(No Rehearsal)

26th January 2024

29th September 2023

2nd February 2024

6th October 2023

9th February 2024
(No Rehearsal)

13th October 2023

16th February 2024

20th October 2023
(No Rehearsal)

23rd February 2024

27th October 2023

1st March 2024

3rd November 2023

8th March 2024

10th November 2023

15th March 2024

17th November  2023

22nd March 2024

Mon 20th November 2023
Autumn Concert

Mon 25th March 2024
Spring Concert



Get up-to-the-minute news about the latest developments and any changes to the regular schedule.  For instance, if an extra rehearsal is being called, details will be given here.

There is also an archive of news items from the recent past.

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