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Any young person who plays an orchestral string, woodwind, brass or percussion instrument may apply to join us.  Our Junior ensembles require no audition.  The Intermediate ensembles ask for a brief audition to demonstrate competence at Grade 3 level, and the Senior ensembles audition at Grade 5 level.  Membership also remains open to those who have left school.

The first year's membership is only £30.  An annual subscription of £85 applies thereafter (with a £10 discount for additional members of the same family). Since we are a charity, we ask that you consent to your subscription being considered as a Gift Aid donation. This will enable us to reclaim tax on your subscription.

To apply for membership, please complete the online form (at the foot of this page). Please read our data privacy policy before completing the form to ensure you understand how we use your personal data and how we keep your data safe. Once the form has been completed please bring your payment to reception on the first rehearsal night. 

There are two sessions each year, with concerts at the end of each session: September to November and January to March. Members should be aware that rehearsals for the Concert Bands and the Junior and Intermediate String Orchestras start promptly at 5pm on Friday evenings and rehearsals for the Senior String Orchestra starts promptly at 7pm (please see below for dates of rehearsals). We would be grateful if you would arrive in plenty of time to set up your instrument. It is extremely beneficial for members to remain at rehearsal until the end of the rehearsal period to ensure that everyone gets the best out of the time available. Thank you for your support in this respect.

Ideally, it would be helpful if new members join us at the start of a new session (in either September or January). This will allow the member time to rehearse with their band / ensemble during the session before the end of session concerts. However, where this is not feasible, we are happy to accept new members up until the October break during the September to November session and up until the end of January for the January to March session.

Rehearsal Dates January to March 2020

Date Rehearsal / No Rehearsal
17 January Rehearsal
24 January Rehearsal
31 January Rehearsal
7 February No Rehearsal
14 February Rehearsal
21 February Rehearsal
28 February Rehearsal
6 March  No Rehearsal
13 March Rehearsal
20 March Rehearsal
27 March  Rehearsal


Main Applicant
Details of Adult Responsible for Applicant
  1. Please provide us with some contact information:
Medical Details
Emergency Contact 1
Emergency Contact 2
Gift Aid Declaration
  1. Fees for membership of SLOS are payable annually. SLOS would like to treat your payment of fees as a Gift Aid Donation.
  2. Please print your name below to indicate that you are happy for your fees to be considered as a Gift Aid Donation. Please also enter the date on which you are making this declaration.
  3. I would like South Lanarkshire Orchestral Society to treat all donations I have made since 6 April 2018, and all donations I make from the date of this declaration until I notify you otherwise, as Gift Aid donations.
Photo Policy
General Declaration by Adult Responsible for Applicant
  1. By clicking the button below you confirm that as far as you are aware all of the information provided by you in this form is correct and you agree to the terms outlined below.
    • I agree to SLOS holding my personal data and that pertaining to my young person for SLOS business. I agree to SLOS contacting me using the details provided for relevant SLOS business.
    • I agree to the applicant taking part in the scheduled rehearsals for SLOS and, having read the information provided on the SLOS website, agree to his / her participation in any or all of the activities described. I acknowledge the need for responsible behaviour on his / her part.
    • I undertake to inform the leader in charge of SLOS as soon as possible of any changes in the applicant's medical circumstances.
    • I agree to the applicant receiving emergency medical treatment, including anaesthetic, as considered necessary by the medical authorities present. I understand the extent and limitations of the insurance cover provided.

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